About Casgiu Casanu

Casgiu Casanu is an association of producers of Corsican farmhouse cheeses founded in 1999 at the producers’ initiative.

The constraints of farm activities are limiting its development: stricter regulation, the difficulty accessing land, a significant workload, but at the same time a strong interest from consumers to our local products made on family-size farms.

In a production environment increasingly challenging, producers have decided to join forces to better prepare their future.

Today, Casgiu Casanu represents 145 farmers from all over Corsica.

Our actions are centered upon four strategic priorities: 

  • To reinforce links between shepherds to better defend themselves and improve our working conditions
  • To ensure the sustainability and development of farm production by actively informing consumers about our specificities
  • To highlight collectively the quality of our products by earning the PDO label (Protected Designation of Origin).
  • To act as a relay between farmers and organizations for a constructive dialogue