Our team at your service

Casgiu Casanu has 4 employees who work closely to meet your individual requirements.

Aurore is our facilitator. She is in charge of scheduling and conducting the self-controls and the breeding. Moreover, she organizes training and is trainer on “The Guide for Good Hygiene Practices in the production of cheese”. Do not hesitate to contact her for any questions about your farming business.

André takes care of the joint marketing in Corsica and the rest of France. He is also responsible for sales development: seeking new clients and proposition of new markets. Sometimes, he may ensure the transport for local clients.

Sylvie is in charge of the transport of your products via our partners as well as the invoicing of the various activities. She takes notes of your requests and advises you with the right information.

JeanChristophe is responsible for the administration elements and the management of the association overall.