The diversity of Corsican farmhouse cheeses

A farmhouse cheese – u casgiu casanu

It is about farmers who are processing milk according to traditional methods exclusively from their own herd and on their own farm (French decree n°2007 628 in force from 27/04/2007 about cheeses and cheese specialties).

About our farmers!

The producer is a breeder and a cheesemaker who often markets his products directly to the consumer. 

Natural and healthy products!

We add to raw milk only rennet, salt and maybe lactic ferments.

A strong link to our terroir :

Thanks to the fragrant plants from the maquis and the expertise of each shepherd, our cheeses gain flavors and personalities directly linked to our terroir.

How to recognize us?

We indicate our contact details on each product, and we are recognizable thanks to our logo “Casgiu Casanu”.

The Casgiu Casanu brand logo

The free-range breeding in accordance with the traditions

For thousands of years, shepherds have valued the challenging spaces of the island thanks to extensive breeding.

A system based on the seasons

In the past, transhumance, in autumn from the high mountains to the beach (impiaghjera), in summer from the plain to the mountains (a muntagnera) with more or less long steps in the intermediate area where villages are located, allowed the shepherd to feed his herd.

Extensive breeding
Farmhouse cheeses and Brocciu are made from raw goat and/or sheep milk. These animals are almost exclusively Corsican breeds. In order to respect the environment, the farm production is seasonal. The birthing process takes place during fall and winter. The production of farmhouse cheeses and brocciu thus starts in winter and continues until summer.