Founded in 2016, the NGO brings together local structures representing farmhouse dairy producers and aims to defend their interests in response to industrial lobbying.

These producers are exclusively farmers who process milk from sheep, goats and cows. Its board of directors is made up of associations of farmers: it is thus farmers who decide for farmers.

Today, laws and regulations are constantly changing but not in our favor:

  • Stigmatization of raw milk
  • Loss of “farm” term 
  • Increase of the number of mandatory self-checks

Today, farmers are systematically represented by major industrial companies because only dairy inter-professional organizations (CNIEL, ANICAP) without farmers impose their decisions.

Such as Casgiu Casanu, ANPLF defends the following principles:

  • Raw milk
  • Interests of small producers
  • Professionalization of farmers on the same level as industrial companies
  • Promotion of diversity of the cheese heritage

For this reason, the voices of all farmers count within the ANPLF, and no longer those of the inter-professional organizations. The more we are to join the ANPLF, the more we will make our voices heard at National and European level and influence the future regulations.

That is why the board of directors of Casgiu Casanu encourages you to join a national association that supports farmers, rather than an inter-professional organization which will support the interests of industrial companies. 

Please visit ANLPF’s website: