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Three facts to know about farmhouse cheeses from Casgiu Casanu :

It is good for your health

Corsican farmhouse cheeses are above all made from raw milk, which are healty!

It is a cheese produced in an environmentally sensitive way

Breeding mainly made by practicing semi-extensive method: it is environmentally friendly, respects animal welfare, the seasons and the natural cycle.

It is a human-size agricultural model

In Corsica, farms are often family-owned, settled in mountainous areas. The shepherd and his/her family earn their living thanks to their small size farm.

Casgiu Casanu is an association under the law of 1901 that :

Supports producers in terms of sanitary regulations

through a range of actions: support for the creation of health control plan, management of self-checks, provision of technical information, professional training…

provides sales and shipping service

in order to offer high-quality farm products to our shopkeepers, dairy products stores, gourmet shops, restaurants in Corsica and the rest of France !

organizeS professional training

so that producers continue to gain skills in order to provide typical and high-quality products

communicates with the general public

in order to spread the know-how and the profession, products and their diversity as well as the tangible and intangible Corsican heritage