Shipping and sales support

The association proposes to its members support service in terms of transport and sales.

Shipping :

We organize the transport of your fresh products towards your professional customers in Corsica. The shipping is provided at cost price in Corsica in partnership with “Satelite”. 

We take care of the entire logistics process: the order intake, the shipping to the customer, the collection and invoicing. 

For further information, please contact Sylvie! 

Sales :

Establishment of partnership between you and the shopkeeper/restaurant owner, in Corsica and the rest of France. 

We take care of canvassing new customers (cheese diaries, restaurant owners, fine food stores…), taking orders, transferring them to you and proceeding with the invoicing. Thus, you can fully concentrate on your business.

We take a small margin on this service, which allows the association to be more self-sufficient (and less dependent on public subsidies), and to continue to provide you with the best support on your farm and in your daily life.  

Our sales service also ensures you to smooth orders over the year and thus, smooth your cash flow, limit storage costs as well as the sanitary risks linked to too long a period of storage.  

Attention, sales outside Corsica requires approval!

André can assist you with this service. 

Service access conditions :

A single annual contribution of 50€ (tax-inclusive) allows you to access the service. However, commercialization via Casgiu Casanu requires the signature of a sales mandate that includes a number of conditions, such as the list of your products, prices, the availability period etc.