Professional training

Casgiu Casanu is a training organization with an approval number. It is a major challenge for us to be able to offer and organize training that is specifically aimed at farm producers.

Each year, Casgiu Casanu offers training adapted to the needs of our farmers, whether they are young farmers or settled for several years, whether they wish to train in breeding, processing, or want to learn more about other specific aspects.

Please share your needs

In order to comply with the regulation on professional training, Casgiu Casanu is committed to a training quality approach. We are in the process of obtaining Qualiopi certification.

We create a training program throughout the year depending on the needs that we have been notified of. Access to training is possible until the day of the training, within the limit of available places: it is therefore recommended to register as soon as possible to book your place! If date or location are not convenient for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you to join the training you are interested in!

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